A Short Sea Fairy-Tale

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Whether this story is true or the one who told me fabricated it is not known. I learnt it from a big ocean, as old as the earth. But, dear children, you know better that if you believe, if you really believe in any story, it will turn real. But let’s begin as all fairy tales start:

Once upon a time there was a sea, which was so angry that it wondered whether to collect its luggage with all the sand, mussels, fish, dolphins, jelly fish, seahorses and everything else and go back to its mammy and daddy – in the big blue ocean.

Our angry sea washed the shores of a small town with fig trees and odour of summer, which was different from the other towns. The houses there were different – big, small, new, old, but all were huddling and it seemed like they danced at the music of the wind. And the wind went there often because it liked that town very much.

A small girl with golden hair and shiny eyes lived there and she was not like the rest of the girls – she loved books very much and she loved our angry sea with the same passion, too...

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