Assen Zlatarov University, Annual, Vol. XLIХ, BOOK 1, Technical and Natural Sciences, 2020

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Assen Zlatarov University, Annual, Vol. XLIХ, BOOK 1, Technical and Natural Sciences, 2020



Yana Koleva
Study of Metabolic Activation in Liver and Skin for Similar Compounds

Dimo Hristozov, Zdravka Nikolaeva, Todorka Dimitrova
Osmometer with Natural and Artificial Cylindrical Membranes

Irena Markovska, Fila Yovkova, Tsvetan Dimitrov
Color Characteristics of Zircon Pigments Synthesized from Agricultural Waste

Nikola Todorov, Emiliya Ivanova, Vladilena Deyanova,Violeta Zheleva
Estimation of Noise Levels on the Territory around the Inorganic Chemistry Building of Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov University

Yordanka Tasheva, Aleksandar Dimitrov, Milena Dimitrova
Removal of Sulfur Compounds by Adsorption

Dimitrina Krasteva, Yavor Ivanov, Katya Gabrovska
Counting of CD45+ Cells with Easycounter BC Automatic Fluorescence Microscope Using Anti-CD45 Antibody Conjugate

Milka Atanasova, Yavor Ivanov, Katya Gabrovska
Determination of Total Cell Count and Viability of Leukocytes in Blood by Double Fluorescent Staining

Desislava Nikolova
A Sustainable Approach to Creating a Biodiesel Supply Chain from Dairy Waste Scum

Galina Grigorova
Study of the Macronutrient Composition of Confectionery Offered on the Market and its Physiological Influence

Ivaylo Belovski
Ultrasonic Distance Measurement System

Radostin Kasarov
Selection of Immersion Transducers for Investigation of Peltier Module

Radostin Kasarov, Plamena Atanasova, Sabina Nedkova
Radiological Monitoring of the Working Environment

Mladen Proykov
Rehabilitation of Bicycle Lane Lighting

Mladen Proykov
Energy Efficiency in the Modern Home

Vasil Ivanov
Modeling of Single Phase Inverter System in Simulink Software

Yuliyan Petrov
Determining the Area of the Automobile Tire Contact Footprint Using Generalized Nets

Yuliyan Petrov, Stancho Pavlov
Finding the Velocity of an Object Situated on a Moving Object when Colliding with a Stationary Object and the Mobile Part Is Ejected

Magdalena Dyulgerovа, Toncho Boyukov
Developing Competences by Training Students in Automotive Diagnostics


Prof. Margarita Terzieva, DSc

Assoc. Prof. Penka Peeva, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Liliya Staneva, PhD
Asst. Prof. Ivan Sokolov

Technical Assistant
Iliana Ishmerieva


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